International Food Waste Valorisation Workshop 6-7th April 2018 during the Climate Show in Geneva.

Drilona Shtjefni, Deputy Secretary General of EUBIA, will represent the Agrocycle project in the workshop of the Climate Show.

The International Food Waste Valorisation Workshop will be dedicated to the most innovative solutions for the protection of the climate and the reduction of carbon emissions. Its objective is to bring together the many technologies and climate protection solutions available on the market, which are often dispersed and inaccessible.

The Show will provide answers to questions about reducing carbon emissions, limiting global temperature increases and adapting to the effects of climate change. The program of the plenary session (6 April 2018, afternoon) includes the participation of high-level speakers such as Mr. Bertrand Piccard (World Alliance for Efficient Solutions), Prof. Thomas Stocker (member of the IPCC) and Ms. Barbara Ryan (Secretariat Director of GEO). Many others will be present to support and share their thoughts on global warming at the occasion of this unique multi-dimensional concept, composed of different themes, workshops, roundtable and forums, organised around a showcase of technological advances.

Please find more information here about the International Food Waste Valorisation Workshop.