Reaction from the Industry to the Strategy on Plastics

On January, the European Commission launched the first Strategy on Plastics which aim is to protect the environment from plastic pollution, in particular to reduce single-use plastic, restrict the use of microplastics, and ensure that all plastic packaging is reusable or recyclable in a cost-effective manner by 2030.

Leaders from the plastic manufacturing sector in Europe met the following week in Brussels to discuss the upcoming changes in order to phase-out plastic.

Several companies have rapidly reacted to the Strategy on Plastics such as McDonald’s, Danone, Iceland or Costa Coffee. They have announced that they will make changes on their packaging, either by reducing plastic packaging or only using packaging which origin is sustainable resources. Furthermore, it is remarkable to mention that citizens awareness has been essential for the companies to start these initiatives, as said by Lévi Alvarès, coordinator of the Rethink Plastic Alliance ‘Plastic pollution is visible for people, and it touches their heart because it’s harming marine creatures and polluting the places where they go on holiday.’

This Strategy on Plastics aims to help in the transition towards a Circular Economy by promoting plastic recycling but also the search for more sustainable alternatives.


Please find here the Press release about the Strategy on Plastics, as well as some Q&A on the topic addressed to the European Commission.

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