EP Plenary vote: Pesticides

On Tuesday 6th of February, during the EP Plenary session, the MEPs voted on the following topics: pesticides, CO2 emissions and clean energy innovation.

A special committee has been designated to examine EU’s authorisation procedure for pesticides, more specifically on the role of the European Commission on renewing glyphosate licence, process of approval, possible failures on the scientific evaluation and approval of substances, and conflicts of interest. The special committee has been created due to the controversy created after the renewal of glyphosate licence for the upcoming five years, on November 2017. The discussion on glyphosate has started following the IARC evaluation, which classifies glyphosate as potentially cancerous for the human body.  The committee, particularly wanted from two Members of the Parliament, Eric Andrieu and Marc Tarabella (Social & Democrats), has been approved in unanimity and will be voted on Thursday 8th of February.


Please find here the Press Release on Pesticides.