Join the first European Wood Waste Platform – BioReg

The BIOREG project ( aims to set up a multi-stakeholder’s platform in order to transfer success factors and solutions.

The first collaborative platform dedicated to end-of-life woods is now operational and accessible.

This internet platform is currently being developed within the framework of the European BIOREG program (2017-2019).

The platform will facilitate the identification and selection of best practices and success factors among European demonstrator regions which have set up pertinent mechanisms all along the value chain of wood waste management (collecting, treatment, valorisation such as reuse, wood waste to materials, wood waste to energy), and outputs management (gas, ash, other waste from valorisation processes).

The platform is in the form of a website to which organisations can subscribe and become members (see the link). The forums and working groups will enable them to discuss wood waste management matters.

The European wood waste platform will assist members in:

•    getting access to good practices from model regions; 

  • gaining insight into the European wood waste markets by presenting their company and their skills or using the Geoportal Mapping Tool;

•    identifying and contacting potential partners in the wood waste sector easily and directly at a European level; 

  • influencing policy makers to adapt the relevant regulatory framework;
  • getting access to investors;
  • fostering the development of industrial projects;

•    displaying their products, services and offers as well as proposals for cooperation; 

  • defending their interests;
  • fostering cooperation between regional authorities.

The platform’s members will have privileged access to:

  • deliverables and results of BIOREG’s work;
  • working groups of the steering committee;

•    tools such as the Geoportal mapping tool, agenda of events, newsletters, discussion forum.

The platform will be a showcase for private enterprises (operators, manufacturers, consulting firms, etc.) and serve as a way to increase their reputation.

Become now a member by registering via the following link: it is free !

We will delight for having you as member.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 727958