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More ambitious measures in reducing plastic waste

  A new study published by Friends of the Earth Europe and Zero Waste Europe reveals that plastic food packaging could be fuelling food wastage instead of reducing it. The report analyses a period from 2004 to 2014 and highlights that current policies are underestimating the environmental impact of plastic food packaging and how Europe […]

A ban against unfair trade practices in the food supply chain

The EU commission unveiled its proposal for the protection of farmers and SMEs, which are often lacking bargaining power in the food supply chain. The initiative addresses unfair trading practices, as late payments from retailers, unilateral or retroactive changes to contracts and last minute cancellations for the order of perishable food products. According to the […]

What to follow during this Strasbourg week

This week is “Strasbourg week”, the moment of the month when MEPs meet for the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The agenda for the April session presents several issues at stake and some among them are particularly relevant. MEPs are expected to discuss the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the framework […]

H2020 Societal Challenge 2 infoday

The Societal Challenge 2 infoday is taking place at the end of June. The Charlemagne building, in Brussels will host the first day of the event on June 25. A brokerage event will take place the following day at the Borschette center. If you want to know more about H2020 calls for 2019 and discover […]

EU Fertilisers: compared methods to analyses new recycled nutrients

CEN and the German Federal Environment Ministry published a study comparing different analytical methods for recycled nutrients products, including struvites, sewage sludges and sludge incineration ashes. The aim of the research was to understand if existing methods could be used also for new fertilisers. The comparison of 6 chemical digestion methods brought strongly different results, […]

EUBIA inspiring presence at the Climate Show 2018

Drilona Shtjefni, EUBIA’s deputy secretary general, was in Geneva this weekend presenting the AgroCycle project at the Climate Show 2018. Ms Shtjefni gave two inspiring speeches on the agri-food sector in Europe and the state of play on green innovation. The first speech introduced activities related to the AgroCycle, and its main achievement in the […]

EU Commission report on Critical Raw Materials

The European Commission published a report on Critical Raw Materials (CRMs), stressing their potential for Circular Economy and calling on stakeholders to share their opinion on the topic. The report is organised in three sections, and its aim is to show key data sources and share best practices to promote future actions for CRMs use. […]

A roadmap for renewables’ development in Europe

IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency published a report on the EU 2030 prospects for renewable energy. The study, wanted by the European Commission, is part of IRENA’s roadmap on renewables: REmap. The objective was to identify cost-effective options for member States to achieve the 27% target for renewable energy, and create an open platform to […]

EUBIA will present the AgroCycle project at the Climate Show

The Climate Show is going to take place this weekend in Geneva and EUBIA will play a proactive role during this important event dealing with climate protection and CO2 emissions. Our Deputy Secretary General, Ms Drilona Shtjefni is going to present AgroCycle, an Horizon2020 EU funded project focused on the agri-food waste valorisation system. The […]

Where are we with the waste directive?

In 2015, the European Commission published an Action Plan to revise the 2008 directive on waste. It was the sparkle starting the discussion on the “Circular Economy Package”. The initiative set ambitious targets to tackle the topic of waste and recycling, and change consumers’ and producers’ approach from linear to circular. The rapporteur of the initiative, […]