Call for experts for the EIP-AGRI Focus Group: Reducing food loss on the farm

Are you a professional in the field of the European farming sector? EIP-AGRI is looking for 20 experts to join its Focus Group and answer this core question: Which new on-farm practices and technologies can limit food loss? 

Farmers, advisers and researchers are welcome to share their knowledge and experience, in order to assure a concrete impact in the farming field. The aim of the Focus Group is to explore problems and opportunities of the food loss topic, and identify innovative solutions learning from previous projects’ experience. The Focus Group will meet at least twice, in a 12 to 18 months period, and the first meeting is already scheduled for 12 and 13 September 2018. On the EIP-AGRI dedicated website you will learn more about the initiative and find the application form.

Please note that the initiative is included in a general call for expression of interest for a total of three Focus Groups: New feed for pigs and poultry, Protecting fruit production from frost damage, and Reducing food loss on the farm.

The deadline for application is 3 April 2018 23:59 hrs CET.

Drilona Shtjefni, Deputy Secretary General of EUBIA won the 2018 @Association Awards!

EUBIA is glad to announce that its Deputy Secretary General, Ms Drilona Shtjefni was awarded as the best Young Association Executive of 2018.

Each year, the Association International & European awards selects the most successful executives of the year, and for its 2018 edition, it recognised the success and efforts made by Ms Shtjefni in her job at EUBIA. The ceremony followed the international women day, and it reflected a good gender balance among the winners. Being not only young, but also a woman, Ms Shtjefni is particularly sensitive to this issue, and she strongly supports this call for an increased women’s leadership.

Ms Shtjefni and the other winners of 2018 edition

Drilona Shtjefni, Deputy Secretary General of EUBIA shortlisted @Association Awards


Drilona Shtjefni, Deputy Secretary General of EUBIA has been shortlisted for the Award Young Association Executive of the Year at the Association International & European awards. The awards ceremony will take place on the 13th of March in Antwerp.

The International Renewable Energy Forum 2018 will to take pace on 7-8 June 2018 in Vienna

On 7-8 June 2018, ICT Solutions will organise the International Renewable Energy Forum 2018 which will bring together renewable energy experts, professionals and leaders from across the world.

The two-day event will take place in Vienna, Austria and will cover a number of key topics which includes:

  • New European Climate and Energy Framework 2030
  • Insights on Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (Corporate PPA)
  • Market and Industry Trends in Renewable Energy and Emerging Markets
  • Climate Investments in Europe after Brexit
  • Access to finance for green investments
  • Project financing of renewable energy with and without long term price security
  • Renewable Energy Investment in Europe in Biomas

EUBIA is proud to be a media partner at the International Renewable Energy Forum 2018. Members of EUBIA will receive a 20% discount when purchasing a ticket. Further information is available here.

Ghent University to launch new biobased business platform

Ghent University will soon launch the new End-of-Waste Business Development Unit which aims at setting up an academic-industrial collaborations in the field of reprocessing organic-biological bypass flows into valuable chemicals, energy, materials and products which can be re-used in a range of sectors.

The platform will bring together a multidisciplinary consortium of 32 driven professors and their departments in order to provide a strong synergetic effect on concept developments and realisations and result in commercialization initiatives at Ghent University.

The End-of-Waste Business Development Unit will work in synergy with the BioRefine Cluster Europe, a development oriented cluster of European and national projects which focuses renewable resources and resource recovery from biobased wastestreams.

Further information about the platform can be found here.

Supporting start-ups and SMEs in the energy transition 21st February 2018, Brussels.

The event ‘Supporting start-ups and SMEs in the energy transition’ is taking place the 21st of February in Brussels. This event constitutes an unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, policy-makers and change-makers to build new collaborations and share thoughts on how to boost innovation. It will be organised between the International Climate Show and the Jacques Delors Institute, being within the EU Industry Days.

Please find here more about the event.

ECO-BIO 2018: Team up to accelerate the global bioeconomy, 4-7 March in Dublin

ECO-BIO 2018 will bring together all concerned with the bioeconomy – including delegates from academia, industry, government and NGOs –  to share the latest in scientific and technological advances, impact assessment, innovation and valorisation in biobased products and processes.

A comprehensive programme includes more than 20 plenary and invited speakers, forum discussions, contributed short talks and posters plus company visits.

Speakers include: Mark Ferguson, Director General, Science Foundation Ireland; Rob van Leen, Chief Innovation Officer, DSM, The Netherlands, Roberto Rinaldi, Imperial College London and Goncalo Pereira, UNICAMP, Brazil

The conference is an excellent opportunity to make new research partnerships and to learn of the latest advances in industrial biotechnology.

EUBIA’s members will have a discount for the event.

For further information visit: or contact  Ashok Aravindakshan Email:

EP Plenary: Clean Energy Innovation

On Tuesday 6th of February, during the EP Plenary session, the MEPs voted on the following topics: pesticides, CO2 emissions and clean energy innovation.


On Clean Energy Innovation it has been stated that citizens have to be a central part to promote the energy transition and engaging them in the change will need to be done through education. Further investment on research and development has to be devoted for financing low-emission energy projects and make them available for innovators. As said by Jerzy Buzek (EPP, PL), rapporteur ‘we need to simplify EU programmes and funds, so that researchers and investors can use them more efficiently. We need more national expenditure to be better coordinated in infrastructure, research, and structural funds; and we need to apply a technology-neutral approach.” 

Please find here the Press Release on Clean Energy Innovation.

EP Plenary vote: CO2 emissions

On Tuesday 6th of February, during the EP Plenary session, the MEPs voted on the following topics: pesticides, CO2 emissions and clean energy innovation.

The Parliament has approved a new law that provides:

-increase on the reduction of CO2 emissions allowances on the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) on the market (the linear reduction factor) by 2.2 percent from 2021, up from the 1.74 percent planned at present;

-a doubling of the ETS Market Stability Reserve’s capacity to mop up excess emission allowances on the market. When triggered, it would absorb up to 24% of excess allowances in each auctioning year, for the first four years, therefore increasing their price and promoting emissions’ reduction.

-two funds to promote innovation and speed the transition towards a low-carbon economy: a modernisation fund to support the upgrade of energy systems in lower-income EU member states; and an innovation fund to support renewable energy, CCS (carbon capture and storage), and low-carbon innovation projects.

Moreover, this law focuses on the prevention of carbon leakage (relocation of the companies outside Europe).  The sectors at the highest risk will receive their ETS allowances for free, while less exposed sectors will receive 30% for free. Overall, the aim is to meet Paris Agreements on Climate.


Please find here the Press Release on CO2 emissions.