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European Algae Biomass Conference

Eu algae biomass
ACI’s 6th annual European Algae Biomass Conference taking place 20th & 21st April 2016 in Berlin, Germany will once again bring together senior executives from industry and academia to discuss the latest commercial and technical developments, challenges and research breakthroughs throughout the entire algae value chain.

 European Algae Biomass 2016 summit will be hosted at EUREF-Campus, which is currently undergoing installation of PBR plant for microalgae cultivation. The business and science park EUREF-Campus is a 55,000 square meter area located in the heart of Berlin. It is an inspiration and a symbol of the turnaround in the German energy policy. In this unique and intelligent location, a plant for microalgae cultivation is operating for the first time. Particularly unusual for this facility is its location on the campus. Installed on a highly exposed position the algae facility surrounds the facade of one of the office buildings on site. The individual units made of polymethylmethacrylate tubular reactors tolerate a rising flat helix allowing the integration of the building corners.

The existing exhaust gases from the heat and power plant at the location can be used as CO2 source and consequently support the facility supply. At the same time, it provides an improvement of the Ecological Footprint of the heat and power plant. The CO2 supply and the regulation of the algae facility is carried out by an intelligent and specially developed regulation concept, which has to take into account a variety of parameters to allow an effective operation. A façade awning installed above the facility supports shading the medium at high temperatures and is also automatically regulated by the controlling system.

The façade facility on the EUREF campus proves that the cultivation of microalgae in urban areas is possible and even provides an economic benefit. The constantly moving elements of the facility fascinate visually and contribute directly to sustainable concept of the location.

Launch of the €8 million AGROCYCLE


EUBIA proudly announces the launch of €8 million Horizon2020 AGROCYCLE research and innovation project addressing the recycle and valorisation of waste from the agri-food sector. Part of the 26 partners consortium from 8 EU countries plus mainland China and Hong Kong, EUBIA will assist in the development of a holistic approach to advancing and understanding how to make the best use of the full range of waste streams from the agri-food sector to achieve sustainable agri-food waste valorisation. Europe is currently generating 1.3 billion tonnes of waste each year and among these, 700 million tonnes are agricultural waste. Taking into account the one third projected increase in world population by 2050, best estimates indicate a need to increase agricultural and food production by two thirds by 2050 to keep up with the food demand while avoiding climate change impacts such as desertification and water shortages. The project with a duration of 3 years will involve a wide range of European agricultural sectors such as the wine, olive oil, horticulture, fruit, grassland, swine, dairy and poultry industries creating sustainable value chains for the agricultural sector both at primary and processing levels across organic and conventional farming. 

Gasification 2016

Date: 23rd March 2016-24th March 2016
Location: Rotterdam - The Netherlands


Maximising Commercial Successes in Gasification by Enhancing Efficiency and Ensuring Compliance

Following the four successful ACI Gasification Summits in 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2015, ACI’s 5th Annual Gasification Summit will comprise two days of formal presentations, interactive panel discussions and excellent networking opportunities, providing an ideal setting to convene with your peers to discuss both current operational & future planned gasification plants, end product markets, potential barriers & support policies as well as project economics & finance.


Site Visit: Exclusive RWE/Essent Amer Power Plant Site Visit – Tuesday 22nd March 2016

During the afternoon of 22nd of March 2016 up to 40 conference attendees will receive a unique opportunity to visit RWE/Essent Amer Power Plant.
There isno extra chargeto attend the site visit, but spaces are limited and allocated on afirst come first served basis. Please register your attendance for the site visit when booking for the conference.


Key Topics Include:
  • Introductive market overview, drivers and regulatory update
  • Waste gasification outlook
  • Recent developments in the area of Gas Clean-up
  • Gasification for chemical and fuels production
  • Case studies: Biomass gasification, challenges and success stories
  • Coal gasification technologies in EU and overseas
  • Application, strengths and weaknesses of different technologies
  • Market future and prospects
  • UCG: Commercialisation of this technology challenges

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EUBIA welcomes PNO!

logopno 2Connecting Ambitions

EUBIA is glad to welcome on board PNO Consultants, an important long-term stakeholder within the European bioeconomy panorama. 

PNO is an independent grants and innovation consultancy, providing full services throughout Europe to a wide range of clients: from SMEs to multinational companies, non-profit organisations, technological platforms, multi-stakeholder partnerships, universities and governments. It combines an understanding of the dynamics of commercial activities and ambitions in the area of innovation and investments with insights into key societal issues that are supported by government funding.

PNO is partner in multiple EU-funded projects (including FP7 and Horizon 2020) and has performed many more commercial assignments in this field. Particularly relevant are the recently completed FP7 projects BIO-TIC and BIO-MIMETIC and the freshly started Horizon 2020 projects BioLinX and ROBOX.


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The 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam 2016

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The 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition took place between the 6th and 9th of June in Amsterdam and provided an unique overview of the state of play of the sector as well as painted a clear picture of the role of biomass in achieving the transition to a low carbon economy.

In the context of COP21 historical Agreement both scientific organisations and international institutions agree on the crucial role that biomass and bio-based economy play in meeting the 2 degrees target on climate change. Bio-energy itself can provide 10%-30% of all total CO2 emissions reduction needed if we maximize resource efficiency whilst ensuring sustainability.

Although unsustainable displacement of food and loss of forest cover still concern the sceptics, state-of-the-art analysis shows that when modernized agriculture and livestock, exploiting yield gaps and efficiency improvements in management are brought together there is, undoubtedly, enough food production capacity to feed the world with less land and the opportunity to produce bio-energy on the surplus land. The benefits, to cite only a few, include improved carbon stocks on the same land, reduced water use per unit of output, lower GHG emissions and more efficient use of nutrients. Such measures are to improve food and nutrition security, alleviate poverty, enhance rural development and increase agriculture’s resilience to climate change. The emphasis ought to shift from competition between agriculture and bio-energy towards synergy in sustainability and performance.

Recent studies presented at EUBCE2016 along with decades of continuous research and technological development have proven that biomass can be effectively converted into energy, advanced bio-fuels and bio-based products, thus recognising the need for stable European policy framework to enable the widespread development of the bio-based economy. As Prof. André Faaij conference general chairman stressed in his speech, it is now about how do we link all this good work to the right arena. Now we need to ensure close interplay and engagement of the research community, the industry and the governance area. Prof. Faaij also launched the idea of forming a coalition among GBEP, the Global Environment Facility, the European Commission and the World Coalition of the energy billionaires to ensure the support of a series of large scale demonstrations of sustainable biomass production in various settings and integrating bio-refineries, bio-energy with carbon capture and storage and bio-chemicals.

EUBIA participated in EUBCE2016 as one of the main sponsors  and awarded for the 14th time the EUBIA Award for its contribution to a sustainable green chemistry sector development at industrial level to NOVAMONT Italy. NOVAMONT is an internationally recognised leader in the bio-plastics and bio-chemicals sector and promotes the transition from a product economy towards a system economy through integration of chemistry and agriculture, utilisation of local areas and products and reduced environmental and social externalities costs. 

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