CoE LCT wants to unite all the vital Slovenian potential in order to enable the harmonious, comprehensive and systematic development of advanced technologies designed to facilitate Slovenia’s transformation into a low-carbon society.

A systematic transformation into a low-carbon society can be very complex. The majority of the partners involved are driving forces in their respective fields, not just in Slovenia but also from a European and even a world perspective. The CoE will by all means remain open for any new partners and support the possibility of joint project applications with outside partners, either in the Slovenian or in the international framework.

The ultimate goal of CoE LCT is to expand its activities to cover the entire Slovenian society. This goal is actually a necessity since fossil fuel supplies are limited. It is more than reasonable to rapidly pursue the development of alternatives today.

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Ms. Maša Korenan

Telephone: 00386 (0)1 47 60 414
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