BioAlcohol Fuel Foundation


The Organisation?The Swedish Ethanol Development Foundation was established in 1983, whose orginal aim was to develop production techniques and usage of bio-based ethanol. A very important part of the organisation is directed towards the transport sector. The founding factor for this has been that the organisation has discovered ethanol as the most rational alternative fuel, meeting the standards and requirements suiting the environment. Immense access to raw material, the knowledge to utilise by-products from the forest and bio energy, including the knowledge of technical process in the paper pulp and chemical industries is of great importance.

The foundation is responsible for the project, with special relevance to production, usage and information which has cost SEK 100 million.

The international focus and an organisation that includes methanol as well as ethanol is the basis for the change in the name to BioAlcohol Fuel Foundation, BAFF which commenced in 1999.

  • There are seven leading Swedish organisations in the BAFF. The leading organisations in the foundation are:
  • Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry AB
  • Chermatur Engineering AB
  • SAAB Automobil AB
  • Skellefteå Kraft AB
  • Utveckling Sundsvall AB, FOKUSERA
  • Örnsköldsviks Kommun

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