Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign 2009-2011


EUBIA is currently supporting, as Campaign Associate, the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. The Campaign was relaunched for 2009-2011.??The overall objectives of the Campaign are:

  1. Stimulate the necessary trends towards an increase in private investment in sustainable energy technologies;
  2. Spread best-practice and ensure a strong level of public awareness, understanding and support;
  3. Build alliances among sustainable energy stakeholders and serve as a platform for new joint ideas and actions

Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign presented the new campaign at EUBIA’s ‘3rd Biomass Industry Day’, which took place in Hamburg in July 2009, to download this key presentation click here.

The first  period of the Sustainable Energy Europe campaign ran from 2005-2008 and EUBIA has been involved in this campaign since 2007.

For further details please visit the Campaign website.