European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EU BC&E): Download the EUBIA oral presentation


EUBIA has started co-organising with ETA-Florence the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition 2013 in Copenhagen (DK). The Conference will be held at the Bella Centre from the 3rd to 7th of June, while the exhibition will be on displayed from 3rd to 6th of June. The EU BC&E 2013 is the biggest event for the biomass industry, a unmissable occasion for catching with the last path of technology and establish a business network for better visualizing market opportunity in the bioenergy sector. 

In occasion of the EU BC&E, EUBIA participated with an oral on a new Sweet Sorghum biogas plant focused on three main products: Grains, Heat&Power and high value Biofertilizer. Download here the Oral presentation:

Sweet Sorghum biogas plant in temperate region. Demonstration plant for biogas and high value biofertilizer production. Andrea Salimbeni. EUBIA (European Biomass Industry Association)