The Future of Biorefineries in Europe

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In 2010, as a result of the FP7 Joint Biorefinery call, three RTD projects, EUROBIOREF, BIOCORE and SUPRABIO were commissioned with the aim of accelerating the development of advanced biorefinery technologies for the integrated manufacture of a range of bioproducts including energy vectors, chemicals and materials. Four years later, these projects have now reached completion and thus it is timely to communicate the results and discuss the wider implications of these for tomorrow’s biorefineries.

Project partners from the three projects have joined forces to organize two 1-day, back-to-back conferences that will showcase key findings and allow stakeholders to better understand the different impacts of these projects.


Overview and organization of the conferences

Day 111th February 2014 : Shaping policies for advanced biorefineries 

Day 1 targets policymakers and related groups that will build the policies that will support and regulate Europe’s future biorefinery industry. Discussion will focus on the implications of these policies for industrial feasibility and overall sustainability

Day 2 – 12th February 2014 : Technologies for advanced biorefineries 

Day 2 targets industrial players and other groups interested by technology take-up issues. Delegates will first be provided with an overview of the aims and achievements of the three projects, followed by the opportunity to attend a ½ day technology exhibition and a partnering session.

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