The Algadisk European Training Event

The ALGADISK European Training Event


EUBIA,  on behalf of the ALGADISK project consortium, is pleased to invite you to a new Algae dedicated workshop:algae biodiesel5 

The Event will take place on the 12th of November 2014 at the Scotland House, Rond Point Schman 6, in Brussels and it will be addressed to all SMEs interested in Microalgae market. 


The ALGADISK European Training Event will be completely free of charge. Only a registration form must be sent to the organizer before the 1st of November!


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The Event Official Invitation



The invitation is extended to  SMEs, managers, large companies, researchers operating in the field of Microalge



Objective of this Event is to present ALGADISK reactor specifications, economic benefits, scalability, market potentials, installation and maintenance procedures to all potential customers, experts or end users . Both private investors, experts, and researchers are invited to attend. 


SMEs representatives will be trained on how to manage ALGADISK technology and have the maximum benefits for their company. 


Researchers, manager and other experts could take the opportunity to learn about a new promising cultivation technology 


The Event is free, download Agenda and Registration form, and be quick, the Number of Participants is Limited!   


ALGADISK European Training Event – AGENDA


Event Registration form


For any other information, contact Andrea Salimbeni: