Members Communication Programme

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EUBIA has a new members communication programme, dedicated to industries, research institutes, investors, and associations operating in the biomass sector at all levels.


In order to improve the cooperation and involve industries in the wide range of activities and projects where it is involved, the European BIomass Industry Association developed a specific and efficient strategy.


In fact, EUBIA Members Communication Programme has been created, on one hand, to provide detailed and frequent information to the members of the Association and to update them on the most recent results obtained by EUBIA of interest for different 

sectors, on the other hand, to secure EUBIA valuable partners able to participate in international projects and EC research activities, but also to represent the association in international events and to provide high value conultancy for new commercial initiatives


EUBIA will dedicate efforts to define a robust and structured membership network, which must be working like a team, in direct cooperation and contact, towards new initiatives and practical results.


Below the document:


Benefits for new members