Integrated European Network for Biomass Co-firing??The overall objective of NETBIOCOF was to establish a biomass co-firing expert and co-ordination platform in an integrated European level, as well as a network of expertise, which will encourage the unification of efforts for the development of biomass co-firing, by pointing out the future research and the needed synergies in order to make biomass co-firing a reliable, safe, available and durable source of energy.

NETBIOCOF  promotes European co-operation between research organisations devoted to the research, development and application of biomass co-firing in new and existing power plants. It will aim the integration and unification of efforts and the exchange of knowledge and expertise between West and East Europe to promote the development and uptake of innovative methods and technologies to expand the use of biomass co-firing.

A biomass co-firing expert platform and a coordination platform will be established, in order to coordinate and assess on-going research and to develop suitable assessment activities with the aim of identifying best practices, gaps in knowledge and barriers to further execution, as well as proposing strategies of implementation and directions for futures research.
In NETBIOCOF the full process chain of biomass cofiring is covered, this includes:

  • Potential Biomass co-firing resources
  • Supply systems
  • Biomass co-firing technologies
  • Environmental, legislative and social issues


  • a better co-ordinated European research and development integrated activity in biomass co-firing;
  • the establishment of defined European expert groups in the biomass co-firing field;
  • a network web-site and database platform;
  • a clear guideline of action of future research and development in biomass co-firing;
  • development of adequate recommendations for biomass co-firing implementation in targeted European countries, focused on the socio-economic, technological, climate conditions, legal and political requirements and;
  • a set of strategies for the extended use of biomass co-firing to overcome the current barriers.

EUBIA Contribution??EUBIA evaluated the state of the art and identifying best practices for biomass co-firing technologies, assessing ongoing research, identifying gaps in knowledge and barriers of implementation, as well as making recommendations for future research and a road map of strategies for technology implementation. EUBIA participated in the disseminating process for the project.

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