SymbolThis project is based on research for finding the best source and composition of agricultural wastes, that would normally be wasted or disposed of at considerable cost to the farmer, for the production of biogas.

  • Every year 700 million tonnes of agricultural wastes are produced in the EU
  • the manure and unwanted crop residues often receive the cheapest treatments
  • the project looks into the potential of how this can be avoided and how to turn a waste into a resource

The waste goes through a process of anaerobic digestion (AD) (decomposition without oxygen), using established technology it produces the biofuel – biogas (~50 % methane).
The project involves 24 expert partner organisations throughout Europe who will gather knowledge and data about financial, legal and technical requirements to develope AD treatment under different local conditions in Europe.

For more information about the project, to follow its progress and to download the project deliverables, please follow this link.