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3rd Solar Super State Prize in the category Solar for Italy 2012


The SolarSuperState Association is the global voice of people and organizations benefitting from rapidly increasing markets for decentralized renewable energy technologies. Dr. Grassi was awarded the 3rd Solar Super State prize for his  long-term photovoltaic program with price guarantees and simplification of authorizations in partnership with the Italian government.

European Solar prize 2006

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EUROSOLAR awarded the European Solar prize 2006 in the category Special prize for extraordinary individual commitment to Dr. Giuliano Grassi, EUBIA Secretary General, for his dedication to the use of Biomass.

EUROSOLAR provided the following appreciation tribute:

“Dr. Giuliano Grassi is the representative director and board member of EUBIA. In the last decades he has strongly fought for the development of biomass utilization like barely nobody else. He paid attention to all thinkable usage possibilities, like bioenergy systems either for sea water desalination or reforestation of semi-arid or contaminated soil.  He worked actively in the large biofuel refineries as well as compact biofuel or hybrid powered town-vehicles.  Furthermore he took part in the EU-Commission Program about Research and Development of Bioenergy. Over and over again he used his comprehensive experience for the political and economical development of biomass utilization, and released various publications on the issue. Without his work the biomass sector would not enjoy its current prospering situation.”

The prize was presented to Dr Grassi by Hermann Scheer, President of EUROSOLAR on the 7th of December 2006 in Berlin.

Eurosolar Italia Prize 2006

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Arch. Francesca Sartogo, president of Eurosolar Italia awarded Dr. Giuliano Grassi the Eurosolar Italia Prize, on the 14th December 2006 in Rome, in the presence of  EUROSOLAR president Hermann Scheer.

Appreciation from EUROSOLAR Italy :

“Dr Giuliano Grassi, has been awarded the Italian Euro Solar prize for 2006 in the category: special prize to personality who has demonstrated an extraordinary professional commitment in the renewable energy sector and for his continuous pioneering action in the research for the use of the biomass as renewable energy source at large scale.”

Global Bioenergy Partnership – Steering Committee (New York, USA – 12 May 2006)

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GBEP’s aim is to provide a high level national and international dialogue on policy frameworks for investment and transfer of technology in the field of biomass, in addition to consideration of the interactions in the bioenergy market, international trade and non-technical barriers.

The “Terms of Reference for the Global Bioenergy Partnership” were signed by Dr. Giuliano Grassi on behalf of EUBIA along with signatories from: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, China, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, USA, FAO, IEA and UN Foundation.

Framework Agreement between the Federal Agency of Science and Innovations of the Russian Federation and the European Biomass Industry Association

On November 2004, the Federal Agency of Science and Innovations of the Russian Federation and the European Biomass Industry Association pre-signed a Framework Agreement that was further on officially signed on the 13 January 2005 by Mr. S. Mazurenko – representing Federal Agency of Science and Innovations of the Russian Federation and by Dr. Giuliano Grassi – Secretary General of the European Biomass Industry Association. The scope of the Framework Agreement is to facilitate the implementation and widening of the scientific, technical and industrial cooperation for promoting energy efficient technologies and systems for biomass energy conversion, use and applications on the base of equality and mutual benefits; to enhance the exchange of information and to promote applications of bioenergy; to facilitate networking in sciences, engineering and business through technological transfer; and to achieve further economic co-operation through opportunities such joint workshops, conferences, publications.

A permanent Working Committee has been established for the implementation of the agreement and the development of a strategy and of specific cooperation programmes.

Award for the Best Renewable Energy Partnership with Developing Countries 2004

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On the 19th of January 2004 in Berlin (Germany), the European Biomass Industry Association received the recognition of the European Commission for the Best Renewable Energy Partnership with Developing Countries, within the framework of the Campaign for the Development of Renewable Energies Sources, foreseen by the European White Book (Campaign for Take-Off for Renewable Energies).
The award was accepted by Mr. Tord Fjällström (Energidalen – Sweden), President of EUBIA, and Dr. Giuliano Grassi, Secretary General of EUBIA.

EUBIA  was awarded for establishing a World Network on Bioenergy, whose purpose is to address the adequate utilisation of biomass residues and energy crops and to attain local, regional, national and international solutions for energy applications.

In particular, the World Network on Bioenergy succeeded in setting in motion the development of modern bioenergy complexes for remote rural villages based on the exploitation of agroforestry residues and dedicated biomass crops.