Ongoing Projects

VALUEWASTEUnlocking new value of urban waste”.

EUBIA is taking part in the EU funded project VALUEWASTE.
The VALUEWASTE project proposes an integrated approach in urban biowaste upcycling for the production of high-value bio-based products, developing the first complete solution to fully valorise biowaste that can be replicated across Europe.

Our role within the project consist in analysing current regulation and legislation in Europe in waste management, the regulated end use of biowaste and future policy trends.

The project started on November 2018, it will last 4 years and gathers 17 partners from 6 different countries. CETENMA (ES) – coordinator-, Innovarum (ES), Savonia University of Life Sciences (FI), CESPA Servicios Urbanos de Murcia (ES), Ayuntamiento de Murcia (ES), ITAINNOVA (ES), Unibio AS (DK), Agro Business Park (DK), UNE (ES), Nutrients Recovery Systems (BE), Ekobalans Fenix AB (SE), INDEREN (ES), GAIKER (ES), ENTOMO (ES), SEAH (FR), Kalundborg Kommune (DK) and European Biomass Industry Association (BE).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 818312.

Here, an animated video explaining the VW project in less than 2 min.
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LIFE RESILIENT FORESTS Coupling water,fire and climate resilience with biomass production in Forestry to adapt watersheds to climate change LIFE17 CCA/ES/000063″.

  • The first objective of LIFE RESILIENT FORESTS is to develop a Decision Support System (DSS) for forest managers, which introduces them to the climate change adaptation processes. This system will comprise updated management practices on the watershed scale and climate change-related issues. The support system will be then demonstrated on two levels, sub-catchment and catchment, in Germany, Portugal and Spain. At each location the DSS will be modified by involving the relevant stakeholders.
  • The project also plans to develop a complete monitoring system, including a Life Cycle Assessment of the forest management approach, that will demonstrate the positive environmental impact of the project, as well as its socioeconomic impact.
  • A further objective is to develop a strategy for transferring management approaches around Europe and to organise networking activities to facilitate the transfer of information on forest management and climate change initiatives.
  • The project will contribute to the Roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy by 2050, as well as 2020 Energy Strategy targets and the EU’s strategy on adaption to climate change, among other EU policy areas.

BLAZE  is a Horizon 2020 project to develop an innovative, highly efficient and fuel-flexible technology for combined heat and power from biomass. The project will demonstrate the use of an integrated biomass gasifier and fuel cell CHP plant, as cost-effective way to produce renewable electricity and heat from residual biomass. 

The CHP system will integrate technologies with proven performance and reliability: bubbling fluidised bed gasification, hot gas cleaning and conditioning, industrialised solide oxide fuel cells and off-gas recirculation.The project is in line with the SET-Plan Key Action 8 on renewable fuels and bioenergy and it will contribute to feed the innovation cycle, laying the basis for the next generation of biomass technologies in the EU.

How does BLAZE works?