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BioenNW, Delivering Local Bioenergy to North West Europe is an Interreg IVB NWE project aiming at promoting the wider adoption of local bioenergy in North West Europe (NWE), and thereby to help realise the potential that exists in NWE for biomass to make a substantial contribution to increasing energy security, reducing carbon emissions and creating new jobst. Its main goals are to provide information and support through the creation of a Bioenergy Support Centre network, the creation of a decision support scheme to determine wether a bioenergy venture is feasible, testing potential feedstocks and to create 5 local small-scale bioenergy installations.

The project promotes the take up of decentralised heat & power schemes at a small scale (<10MW total energy) through the novel integration of anaerobic digestion (AD) & intermediate pyrolysis. These technologies enable the use of a wide range of frequently difficult to manage feedstocks in both rural & urban situations, but have not previously been piloted in a commercial location.

The project focuses on 5 regions: the West Midlands (UK), the Ile de France, Wallonia, Eindhoven & Hessen in Germany. A Bioenergy Support Centre (BSC) will be created in each region as a focal point for the propagation of new bioenergy schemes. The creation of further ‘daughter’ BSCs will be hosted by a Partner in Alsace & by Observers in the UK, Luxembourg & Ireland. An integrated & expanding network of BSCs will form across NWE to catalyse new bioenergy provision at a regional level.


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