Final Conference

The techno-economical analysis of the production and use of biofuels for heating and cooling applications in the South of Europe was the central objective of the European project Bio-South, led by CENER, which is able to boast the participation of a total of 14 members from six European countries.

The conclusions of this project, that have required the work of European experts for more than 26 months, were exhibited during the course of the Final Conference “Energetic Valorisation of Forest Biomass in South of Europe”, which was held in Pamplona (Navarra-Spain) from January 24 to 25, 2007.

The conference discussed the promotional measures that allow the barriers of development to be overcome, and also informed all the agents implicated in the energy value chain of forest biomass about the principal conclusions of the experts. A conclusion of the project is that the use of forestry waste for energy purposes can help finance forestry work that is necessary for the correct development of the forest as well as to prevent the risk of forest fires and contribute to the Kyoto Commitment to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Biosouth Final Conference was held at a crucial moment for the future development of bioenergy, given that solid biofuels and the role of forest biomass, as a source of raw material, are beginning to be considered as real energy alternatives.


The use of solid biofuels for heating application has reached an important stage of development in Nordic countries and some others countries in Europe (Finland, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, France and Germany). However, in south Europe, although there is an important potential in some regions, the use of solid biofuels is very scarce and there is not a well established biofuel market (Spain, Italy,…). In order to take advantage of this potential, it is necessary to transfer technologies, methodologies and experiences from countries where the heating biofuel market is more developed to the southern regions and get them adapted to the local market conditions. The selected consortium and the project management strategy will assure this information, knowledge and experiences transfer.

The project carried out a techno-econmical assessment of the production and use of biofuels for heating and cooling applications in two pilot regions of southern Europe with an important potential for solid biofuels (Navarra in Spain and Tuscany in Italy), in order to identify the barriers for bio-heat development and to propose efficient measures to overcome them by using and adapting the experiences of countries where biofuels have reached a significant market share.

  • Demonstration of the feasibility of forest biomass logistics and utilisation for heat generation in Navarre and Tuscany;
  • To make local actors (governments, municipalities, forest land owners, forest companies, wood industries, associations, …) aware of the possibilities, benefits, technologies, methodologies and economics of the utilisation of forest biomass as fuel;
  • Transference of Nordic biomass know how to Navarre and Tuscany;
  • To make citizens aware of the biofuel heating potential and benefits in Spain and Italy;
  • Dissemination of results to the whole Mediterranean Area of the EU.
  • Creation of steady economical support policies and other political measures by the local governments (Navarra and Tuscany) to support the development of the biofuel heating local markets;
  • Creation, in the regions under study, of organised collection and distribution paths for solid biofuels;
  • Promote the use of biomass for heat generation in southern Europe;
  • Contribution to the creation of new and stable rural employment in the forestry land for the collection of forest residues in southern Europe;
  • Contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (Kyoto protocol) in southern Europe.
EUBIA Contribution

EUBIA participates in this project to carry out the dissemination of the project results at European level with activites such as distributing 2500 copies of a technical project brochure. EUBIA will also contribute, upon request of the Commission, to the development of online information systems as well as preparation of common presentation material.

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