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Promotion of

used cooking oil recycling for

sustainable biodiesel production

 RecOil project, with the support of the IEE programme of the EC, aimed to increase the sustainable biodiesel production and its local energy market intake by enhancing collection and transformation of used cooking oil (UCO) of domestic origin.

As first action, the project produced an overview of the existing “UCO to biodiesel” projects in Europe. A statistical analysis of the available information was performed; this analysis in conjunction with stakeholders’ expertise allowed to identify the so called “best practices” with relation to the household UCO collection and recycling into biodiesel.

In parallel, EUBIA developed a review of the most releval legal and financial barriers to the deployment of the UCO-based biodiesel market. This review was lately summarized in a position paper which was discussed with European experts andl policy makers in a high level meeting (see article).

The citizens’ attitude towards household UCO collectioin was enquired through an household survey involving 877 people in 5 countries. A deep knowledge of the householders’s behaviour paved the way to the implementation of 7 pilot projects, working as living lab to test the identified best practices and to establish strong commitments with local authorities.

The final objective of the project was the development of one on-line decision-making guide including all the findings of the project. This tool can assist stakeholders in developing a chain adjusted to local specificities (geographic, social, economic, legislation, and climate).

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