European Biomass Research Network (EUBREN) consists of a selection of universities and research centres across Europe. Its efforts consist on promoting and supporting new industry-oriented initiatives in cooperation with investors, small and large private enterprises. Given the unique capacity of this sector, research activities carried out at every TRL, have a crucial role for the final take-off and commercialization of the new technology.



Fostering international cooperation EUBIA established international cooperation agreements with organisations based on Asia, Middle-East and Latin countries in order to promote the biomass sector worldwide, exchange information and best practices.
Development of new projects EUBIA with its members are involved in several EU funded projects, H2020, LIFE+, Interreg, COST Action and BBI, focusing on the introduction of new technology, on gathering and delivering information about the market, or simply creating networks. As part of our activities, we help on facilitating business and connecting actors across the value chain.
Contribution to EU legislation EUBIA intends to contribute strengthening the European policies in the sector and bringing the expertise at the EU level. It follows actively the EU legislation and policy, focused on energy, environment and agriculture, mainly related to biomass. The association is engaging on developing a dialogue with the Members of the European Parliament, as well as strengthening the cooperation with the European Commission.
Dissemination of Information EUBIA is committed on informing its members and the general public about changes on EU policy and legislation related to the biomass sector. Our communication activities include publications, newsletters, social networks and events.
Organisation of events EUBIA organises and co-organises workshops, conferences and exhibitions to connect citizens, industry and lawmakers, share knowledge & knowhow and create awareness in important topics.
Reports EUBIA publishes articles and executive summary gathering and providing information on the market, such as the availability of biomass feedstock in Europe or the upcoming trends and existing opportunities on the biomass and related sectors, in cooperation with research organisation.

Support on events

As an EUBIA member, you have many benefits, such as, a discount on entrance fee to the most important events, workshops, conferences and exhibitions in the biomass sector across Europe.