Renewable Energy Certificates as instrument to monitor and stimulate Renewable Energy development in Russia??

The overall aim of RusTREC is to assist the Government of the Russian Federation to establish and use a Green Certificate System. The interest in Russia for Green Certification was brought to light by the excellent cooperation during the FP5 project TRECKIN (Tradable Renewable Energy Certificate Knowledge & Initiatives Network). The Russian Federation is very interested to stimulate the use of renewable energy, in order to:??-Develop an environmentally and socially sound alternative;?-To secure the supply of energy (especially to regions with no, or a weak grid);?-Cooperate with Western European and other markets.

Green Certification is an instrument that links each produced unit of green energy to a certificate. It can: ?

  • Make monitoring easier, and will support the energy and technology market and decision makers on high level;?
  • Be an instrument if the Government defines a renewable energy obligation (on production or consumption),
  • ?or when a support scheme is set up (linking financial support to certificates).

In the first case, Green Certificates are only a monitoring instrument. The second case is an extension of this. The instrument can then lead to trade, because exchange of certificates will create flexibility and facilitate to avoid penalties (in case of obligation) or to obtain financial support. This will lead also to exploitation of renewable energy on the best place, instead of realising it in the region where the obligation/support is in force.

The RusTREC project supports and implements:?Training for decision makers;Workshops to adapt the certificate system to Russian conditions;Actions to harmonise the Russian certificate system to the W-European market and cooperate;Study of the possibility to use TRECs as an “adaptor” between RE and JI (Kyoto), or direct use;Heat certification (in addition to the well known certification of electrical energy).

EUBIA Contribution

EUBIA participates in dissemination actions to a wider public, with contemporary training and workshops to adapt the green certificate system to Russian legislation and to other conditions. EUBIA also participates in experiments carried out with EU partners to decide under what conditions the Russian TRECs will enter the EU market.