Increasing the competitiveness of European non-energy algal sector by a   novel solution for biomass production                                            algadisk                         


ALGADISK is an action funded by the Research for the Benefit of SME scheme within the context of the 7th Framework Programme. The projec is focused on providing SMEs with a reactor for small scale algae prodution. Thus the aim of the project is to develop a modular, scalable, and automatic biofilm reactor for Algae biomass production, with low operational and installation costs. The reactor will be designed to capture CO2 from industrial emissions to produce high value organic products. In this system, algae will be grown both in an aqueous environment and on biocompatible surfaces, allowing for CO2 absorption from eith the gas or liquid phase. This method will dramatically increase the efficiency of the reactor, and decrease water requirements. Automatic and continuous harvesting of algae will be designed to optimize CO2 uptake and biomass production. Adjusting the scale of the system will be trivial, as ALGADISK will have a modular design, and the installation’s footprint will be considerably reduced compared to technologies currently on the market. Design software will be provided which, based on user input, will suggest installation parameters, perform a cost/benefit analysis to calculate economic feasibility, and make predictions concerning the environmental sustainability of the system. The proposed system will be specifically crafted to meet the needs of European SMEs who are willing to produce algae biomass products from industrial emissions. 


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