Benefits for EUBREN Members

Key reasons to become an EUBREN member

A network of prestigious Universities & Research Centres across Europe

Networks are everything. This is why EUBREN connects academia with the industry and EU projects to allow you to spend more time on actual research and less on administrative affairs. You have the opportunity to join a network of hand-picked prestigious Universities & Research Centres in Europe to work on ‘Research-for-industry’ projects focused on the development of new technologies and strategies of actual interest for the industry.

International Visibility

Experience shows that significant indirect benefits derive from an increase in ‘visibility’ for Universities & Research Centres. They include global positioning as centres of excellence, curbing ‘brain-drain’ effect, increasing attractiveness for multinational companies and attracting more funding. EUBREN will increase your visibility through continuous promotion at international conferences and workshops, on its websites and social networks and at high-level talks in the EU environment.

EU funded projects participation & consulting

EUBREN members are constantly involved in Horizon2020 projects proposals & implementation. Implementation started on 3 projects in 2016 while another expected project that will involve a large majority of the EUBREN members will kick-off later this year. Moreover, EUBREN staff act as personal consultants for the members and regularly report on the latest relevant Calls for Proposals and facilitate the building of consortiums within the network.

Support letters for your international projects initiatives

EUBIA will support your project initiatives through official Support Letters.

Free top level conference entrances & conference discounts

The average price of a conference ticket is €700. By receiving one free ticket you already have more than 100% return on your investment in a yearly EUBREN Membership fee.

FREE Meeting Venue in Brussels for your events

Benefit from a FREE modern Meeting Venue in the European Quarter for your next event in Brussels.

Your latest news/developments/projects showcased on the EUBREN website

Increase your visibility even more by sending us your latest news/developments/projects to be showcased in the News section on the EUBIA website. All content is shared on social networks.

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