11th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit – Manchester

ACI is organising its 11th Carbon Dioxide Utilisation Summit, which will be held in Manchester, UK on the 26th & 27th September 2018. During this edition, the conference will explore innovation developments and projects regarding CO2 utilisation in Europe. After examining global industry matters, such as sustainability, policy & regulation, the role of CO2 reuse in the circular economy and LCA & technico-economic analysis methodologies, the conference will delve deeper into CO2 conversion methods, as well as actual applications/end-products from CO2. The two days event will offer a series of case studies & interactive panel discussions, whilst allowing great opportunities for all the participants to network and create/solidify great business relationships.

EUBIA is proud to be a media partner at the CO2 Utilisation Summit, and its member are entitled to 10% discount.

Find here the Event Brochure and the official Website