EUSEW 2018 – Architects’ contribution to the clean energy transition

The 2018 European Sustainable Energy Week took place in Brussels from 4th-8th June. This year edition is focusing on ways to lead the clean energy transition, and one of topics under discussion was the role of architecture in the sustainable revolution. The panel “Architects’ contribution in the clean energy transition” featured worldwide known architects as David Nelson (Norman Foster studio), Julien De Smedt (JDS Architects) and Reinier De Graaf (Office for Metropolitan Architecture). The session was moderated by Paolo Frankl (Head of Renewables at IEA) and Dominique Ristori, Director General at DG ENER made the opening speech. Ristori stressed how an effective regulatory framework from building efficiency is the precondition to attract investments and accelerate the sustainable transition. In this context, architects could be pioneers and revolutionary, but in order to do so they need more links with the European and local institutions.

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