Lappeenranta University of Technology – new member of EUBIA

EUBIA is glad to welcome the last added member of the association, the LUT School of Energy Systems. The University, located in Finland aims to achieve an in-depth system-level understanding of the transition to a carbon-free energy system, and its economic, environmental and technological factors and the factors that influence its competitiveness. Areas of research at the LUT School of Energy Systems include energy, electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering. The research covers the technologies and systems required for the production, transfer, distribution and use of energy from manufacture and fuels all the way to energy consumption.

The School’s core activities focus on research and development of advanced energy systems. Energy systems are rapidly evolving in answer to the effects of climate change, where bioenergy has a crucial role. The research activity of the bioenergy research group emphasises the development of technology and business related to the bioenergy refining chain and bioenergy utilisation. The research group’s core activities are biomass availability studies (GIS), biomass supply chain modelling (simulation), sustainability in biomass supply (LCA,) biomass logistics and trade analysis, regional economy and business studies.

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