Seat launches a biomethane initiative in Barcelona

The aim of the Life Methamorphosis project is to produce biomethane from organic waste and turn it into renewable gas.

Each inhabitant of the city of Barcelona generates about 1.5 kilos of waste daily, in total there is 2.5 million kilos of rubbish every day of which only 40% is recycled. Recycling all the organic waste could produce biomethane to power 10,000 cars every year. Of all the rubbish collected at the Ecoparc in Barcelona, biomethane is produced using the organic waste.

Once the organic waste is selected onsite at the Ecoparc and fed into 26-metre tall anaerobic digesters, the transformation process begins. It lasts about 30 days and results in production of biogas with 65% methane. Any organic waste that is not turned into biogas is used as fertilizer.

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