27th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition 27th May, 2019 – 30th May, 2019 Lisbon Congress Center, Lisbon, Portugal

The EUBIA Award was created in 2000, almost 20 years ago, when biomass development was at its early stage. The role of this prize has always been to support those companies and organization demonstrating high effort and success in biomass technology development at commercial and industrial level.

Take the challenge and prove yourself!
This prize is the moment for gain visibility and for getting award for your efforts and your success in developing biomass technology.

For this year, 2020, submit your application here by March the 10th
The winner will be announce on 27th April in Marseille, within the EUBCE – European Biomass Conference & Exhibition. An international event which every year collect stakeholders from all over the world.

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