About Biomass

Biomass is a general term for material derived from growing plants or from animal manure. Bioenergy refers to the technical systems through which biomass is produced or collected, converted and used as an energy source. A wide variety of conversion routes can be distinguished that produce a variety of  energy carriers either in a solid, liquid or gaseous form. These energy carriers address all types of energy markets: heat, electricity and transportation.

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Biomass for energy and bioproducts industry represent a valuable renewable feedstock with high potential both for privates and for public sector. It is well known that Biomass represent not only an attractive feedstock for energy, but also the only available renewable resources able to replace fossil fuels in chemicals and polimers production.


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EUBIA, the European Biomass Industry Association, is partner in many European Commission co-founded projects as well as in many international commercial initiatives where bioenergy is promoted at all levels. Thanks to its experience,  gained in more than 20 years of activity, EUBIA is able to operate supporting bioenergy in each of its aspects.


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In the last year EUBIA distributed its efforts working on different initiatives and projects expanding its activities in collaboration with our contacts and our members. To this end, EUBIA has enlarged its membership with 6 more members and aims to further increase its operating network in the future.


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