The Final Report of the Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels has been approved by the Sustainable Transport Forum (STF) and published on the EU bookshop

This report provides a support to the European Commission in the elaboration of a methodology for the deployment of advanced biofuels. The study provided by the Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels, offers a simple and transparent definition for advances biofuels, reliable targets for deployment of advanced biofuels in EU market by 2030, updates the technology status of various value chains, and examines closely the production costs of advanced biofuels. The Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels also considers the proposals on decarbonising transport in the recast of the Renewable Energy Directive and provides proposals for improvements aiming to create a long term stable framework encouraging investments. Currently, the use of advanced biofuels as well as other renewable fuels is limited in the EU due to the higher cost compare to fossil fuels, which they aim to replace.

The Sub Group on Advanced Biofuels of the Sustainable Transport Forum is made of 32 industry experts representing all advanced biofuels value chains as well as the transport sectors of aviation, maritime and heavy-duty transport.

The work of the SGAB is being followed by the Alternative Renewable Transport Fuels Forum (ART Fuels Forum) that will be presented and discussed at the EUSEW Policy Conference, in Session “Advanced biofuels — the voice of the industry” on Thursday 22 June at 11.00-12.30, Charlemagne, Jenkins Room. Read the full report @