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European Biomass Research Network


An Initiative promoted by EUBIA


EUBREN, the European Biomass Research Network is an initiative developed by EUBIA which consists of a selection of Universities and Research centers from the 28 European Union countries. The initiative is the result of several year of experience in which EUBIA dedicated its efforts to promote and support new industry oriented initiatives in cooperatin with investors, small and large private enterprises, etc. As Biomass is the only existing renewable carbon based source, biobased industry is the most flexible in terms of technology, strategy, products and future perspectives. Given the unique capacity of this sector, research activities carried out at every level of the technology demonstrated to have a crucial role for the final takeoff of a biobased economy at sufficient readiness to be commercialized. EUBIA identified the leading universities operating in the biomass sectors as candidates for representing their country in the European Biomass Research Network.

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