The EUBREN concept, targets and future activities

EUBREN will actively work on new “Research-for-industry” projects focused on the development of advanced technologies and strategies. New initiatives, activities promoted by EUBREN will be of interest for industry and should be oriented on an improvement of biobased products and bioenergy competitiveness in the European Market.  After the definition of all 28 founding members, a board will be defined by electing 7 representatives. EUBREN board members will be asked to participate to meetings organized by EUBIA in its Brussels office.  During board meetings, new EC proposals, strategies, commercial initiatives and next target sectors will be discussed. EUBIA board of director will participate at the meeting providing material and new specific project proposal involving SME and Universities.

Every one year, a general Assembly will be organized at EUBIA office to summarize the work done and set the basis for future initiatives. EU-BREN activities, material information and communication services will be secured by a Web Platform developed and managed by EUBIA. The EUBREN platform will be consisting by:

-Home page with articles, latest development in terms of technologies and EU policy assessment information

-Relevant news and events

-Contacts page

-Document archive



Benefits for EUBIA and  industries network

1.       Develop new ideas and strategies

2.       Receive feedback on new patents of industrial use,

3.       Develop advanced technologies,

4.       Involve RTDs in EC project


Benefits for Universities and Research Centers

1.       Participate as partners in new EU co-financed projects

2.       Placement opportunities for university students in EU biomass industries

3.       Participate in new large scale international and commercial projects

4.       To be constantly updated on EU policy framework,

5.       Cooperate in new programmes, initiatives and strategies developed by the European Biomass Industry Association

6.       Cooperate together with other European Universities


     More information on EUBREN objectives and structure available here